Pulp and Paper Product Dept.


Paper and Paper Board

We are professional team for paper and paper board procurement.
So we can show and realize cost saving for you with integrated proposals including logistics control.
We are handling many kinds of paper and paper board for commercial printing mainly,
such as catalogs, pamphlets, leaflets, calendars, sample book and so on.
We have biz relationship with not only Japanese, and also foreign paper manufacturing companies globally, and propose suitable products that are for printability, texture and environmental responsibility and so on, including cost saving.

Main Items

Writing Printing Woodfree, Various type of Coated paper
Communication Paper Base paper for CCP, Business form, Thermal paper
Wrapping and Packaging Bleached kraft, Sack and Grocery, Unbleached kraft
Paper Board Duplexboard with white surface, Chipboard
Speciality Fancy, Color dyed woodfree

Various Catalogs

Various Papers

We are handling others than the aboves. Please do not hesitate to contact us in details.

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