Automobile Product & Materials Dept.


Automobile Product & Materials

Leveraging the strengths of the Toyota Tsusho Group, we are working with domestic and overseas partners to supply and support the development of raw materials in automotive interior parts, and to process and support the development of materials and parts.
As an orchestrator of automotive interior parts, we propose solutions for social issues using our global logistics network.
Also, we regard efforts to achieve carbon neutrality as a top priority and will realize this through environmental materials, new manufacturing methods, new technologies, and optimal global logistics.

Products Handled by the Automotive Materials Department

Raw Material

Material /


  • ・Thread
  • ・Fiber
  • ・Resin
  • ・Synthetic Leather 、Fabric Non-woven、Film
  • ・Automobile Seat Cover
  • ・Kenaf Board for Door / Package Tray
  • ・Weaving、Knitting
  • ・Various Molding
  • ・Sewing
  • ・Flame Lamination
  • ・Supply Chain Management
  • ・Kanban Delivery
Customers Production Parts
Door Trim
Rear Package Tray
Floor Carpet

Automobile Seat Cover Supply Chain

For automobile seat covers, we are building a global supply chain that materials being procured in Japan and delivered to overseas to be cut and sewn and finally delivered back to Japan again.
※We are also taking on the challenge of achieving optimal procurement and logistics by preparing materials and flame lamination process being done locally, which we had previously procured in Japan.
  • Material
  • Flame Lamination
  • Cut / Sewing
  • Logistics
  • Seat ASSY

Kenaf Board Supply Chain

We supply raw material globally which is used for to produce kenaf board that our customer produces overseas, and after, we also provide a stable supply of the kenaf board to plants throughout the world including Japan.
※We will also contribute to carbon neutrality by recycling chemical fibers and converting them into bio-based materials which is blended with kenaf fibers (natural material).
  • Raw MaterialKenaf
  • Kenaf Board
  • Logistics
  • Molding(Customer)
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