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To respond to the once-in-a-century transformation
Taking on the challenge of shifting to a business system that matches the accelerating changes
to an environment-friendly society.
Utilizing our knowledge and experience in textiles, paper and pulp, which are our core products,
we are working on development to provide new solutions that match the new era with a view
to 5 to 10 years ahead.
Promotion of next mobility

With the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), the automobile industry has entered
a once-in-a-century transformation period in which autonomous driving technology, CASE,
and MaaS are rapidly accelerating.
For each component such as motors, batteries, satellite communication equipment, etc.,
which are required to have even higher functionality during this transformation period.
We provide suitable solutions using functional fibers such as

・ Carbon fiber that achieves thermal conductivity, light weight and high strength
・ Ceramic fiber with excellent fire resistance and heat resistance
・ Polyimide fiber with insulation, heat insulation, heat resistance, cold resistance, and radiation resistance

Establishment of circular economy

As global warming becomes more serious, expectations for the promotion and upcycling
of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) toward the realization of a carbon-free society are increasing.
We will contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society by collecting and reusing
industrial waste such as resin, paper, pulp, fiber, and leather that had been landfilled and incinerated
in the past, and working to build a circular economy.

Realization of sustainable society

Increasing awareness of companies and consumers promoting the SDGs, and the Paris Agreement
and the laws and regulations of each country are required to eliminate plastics, reduce plastics,
protect the environment, and reduce the environmental burden.
We are developing thermoforming resin compounds that utilize non-petroleum-derived
and non-depleted resources such as biomass resins, biodegradable resins, and cellulose fibers.
We will meet the social needs of C0² emission control, provide solutions to the marine plastic problem,
and promote the realization of a sustainable society.

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