CEO Message

In the middle of dramatic changes in the business environment,
which is said to be post or with Corona, we believe that the key to our survival
and growth in business in the future will be the contribution to the people
when we demonstrate our ability to transform our weaknesses
into strengths, which is a sign that humanity has been surviving.

As a unique product/business planning and trading company that mainly deals
in non-clothing textiles and pulp and paper, from raw materials to a part of
finished goods, we will be the company that has a strong relationships with
partners who has raw material procurement and processing technologies,
uncover new needs together with them and satisfy the expectations of
society, customers, employees and shareholders.

Please feel free to consult with us regardless of the needs and seeds
in Japan or overseas.

Ken Otsuki
CEO&Representative Director


Providing valuable materials and functions, we will be the one and only company that contributes to the next generation of society.

Maximize the power of individuals and organizations and become a professional group in the industry that breaks conventional wisdom.

Become a global company that quickly adapts to all changes in the environment and stays one step ahead.

 What we want to be in 2025.

Creating valuable materials and functions with colleagues around the world for the next-generation mobility society

・In collaboration with the TTC ※2Group we achieve digging into mobility interior business worldwide market.

・we provide new added value (raw materials, materials, construction methods, function) to the next-generation mobility (CASE) field.


We realize a safe, secure and comfortable future lifestyle with functional materials

・In super aging & with/after COVID-19 we provide functional materials that pursue needs & seeds for changes in the social environment.

・We accomplish a development and sales of high-performance materials for the digital society by team power.

Bring out the possibilities of the material, we contribute to the realization of a sustainable society

・we realize a decarbonized society in new areas of non-petroleum materials

・Through the sale of sustainable materials, we realize a recycling-oriented society.


As a member of the Toyota Tsusho Group we create an overflowing corporate culture in people and organizations.

・We become a company where each of us has a dream and a sense of satisfaction with propulsion of D&I and promotion of work style reform.

・We become a global person/team who has a knowledge /experience to overcome the barriers of language, culture and values and plays well active role in worldwide business field.

※1 TMX  : Toyota Tsusho Matex Corporation
※2 TTC  : Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Corporate Profile

Address 4-3-11, Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0081 JAPAN
Establishment May 19,1982
Capital 90 million yen (Toyota Tsusho Corporation 100%)
Representative Director Ken Otsuki
  • 1. Marketing industrial materials such as geotextile, infrastructual, automotive materials
  • 2. Marketing from raw materials to consumer's textile products
  • 3. Import & Export for wood pulp and non-wood pulp such as Abaca, Sisal and Kenaf Pulp.
  • 4. Marketing paper products such as printing paper.


Head office:
4-3-11, Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0081 JAPAN
TEL : 81-6-6243-8289 / FAX : 81-6-6243-8391

Tokyo branch:
3-13, Konan 2-chome, Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-0075, Japan

Nagoya branch:
9-8, Meieki 4-chome, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002, Japan
TEL.81-52-584-8416 / FAX. 81-52-584-5691

Corporate History

1947 Established Toraya Sangyo,Ltd.
1982 Established Toyo Tateami Kaisha, Ltd.
2006 Tomen corporation was merged with Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Toyo Tateami Kaisha, Ltd. became a 100% subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation.
2008 Company name was changed to Toyotsu Textile Corporation.
2013 Toyotsu Textile Corporation and Toyota Tsusho Celltec Corporation merged and changed its company name to Toyota Tsusho Matex Corporation.
2016 Nagoya branch had opened.

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